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Future 500/AHC Group: Professor Richard Muller to join Stakeholder Engagement Executive Workshop in November 2012

San Francisco, September 18, 2012

Professor Richard Muller, the renowned physicist and one-time climate skeptic whose breakthrough research on climate change stirred up the debate on the issue, will be featured in a private discussion with senior corporate executives at the Future 500/AHC Group stakeholder engagement working group.

Muller, who heads the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, has received a lot of attention for his work, notably because his research was partly funded by a Foundation associated with Koch Industries, an oil and gas company.

Muller’s forthcoming research on natural gas, coal, nuclear power and related issues will be important for all corporate executives as it concerns the future of energy use in all aspects of the global economy from transportation, electric generation, industry and agriculture.

Building on successful stakeholder engagement workshops in 2010 and 2011, this year’s event will include a special focus on energy and technology issues. Leading engagement specialists, corporate executives and seasoned NGO campaigners will help 25 senior executives to understand crucial stakeholder dynamics and useful approaches for fostering proactive, genuine engagement with stakeholders, notably non-profit organizations. In a digital world where issues explode in minutes, effective stakeholder strategy is essential to inform long-term corporate planning and mitigates bottomline risk. Participants will hear about the top ten corporate-NGO issues of conflict anticipated for 2013 and how this might affect governmental regulations and brand reputations.

The two-day workshop takes place at acclaimed Cavallo Point Eco-Resort in Sausalito, California this November 15-16.

What to expect from this workshop:

• Content‐rich networking and collaboration among corporate and NGO executive leaders in stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility.

• Insights into best practice approaches from peers and experts in the field.

• Opportunity to learn from compelling case studies, highlighting successful strategies and common mistakes.

• Discussion with Stakeholder Engagement experts from Future 500 and AHC Group, AHC Founder, Bruce Piasecki, former head of sustainability for Kimberly-Clark, Ken Strassner, Future 500 founder Bill Shireman, as well as private insights during sessions with invited NGO activist leaders from the Sierra Club, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Forest Ethics.

This workshop is for senior executives from leading companies. To register, please visit:  http://bit.ly/NuEwpM

For further information, go to http://slidesha.re/Pejaxb

For direct inquiries, contact Future 500 or the AHC Group at:

Kathrin Jansen
Communications Manager
Future 500
KJansen @ Future500.org
1 415 632 7957

Marti Simmons
AHC Group
marti @ ahcgroup.com
1 518 583 9615

About Future 500

Future 500 is an international non-profit organization, launched in 1995, that builds alliances between adversarial stakeholders – liberals and conservatives, corporations and activists, free marketers and progressives by cultivating and leveraging an extensive stakeholder network. Future 500’s team of experts continually anticipates the most important sustainability issues for the stakeholder community, and cultivates the strategic corporate-NGO, right-left relationships needed to advance effective solutions to systemic challenges surrounding those issues.

Founded in 1995 and with office in the U.S., China, and Japan, and affiliates in every area where business, civil society groups, and other stakeholders must engage, Future 500 focuses on four broad issue categories: Energy & Climate, Water & Agriculture, Materials Stewardship, and Technological Empowerment.

About AHC Group

Since 1981, the AHC Group has been active in assisting organizations and individuals in the field of environmental and management strategy. As management consultants, we serve as trusted advisors to middle and upper management staff in organizations whose responsibilities include environmental health and safety, public relations, governmental affairs, corporate governance, social responsibility, communications, and investor relations.

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