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Since our inception, Future 500 has been at the forefront of recycling policy and materials stewardship.  In fact, our engagement model pulls from the success of a corporate-NGO alliance built by our founder to pass the CA bottle bill.

As we look to the future, we acknowledge that the US needs a more comprehensive recycling structure that encompasses a broader waste stream and helps us increase stagnant recycling rates. In that regard, Future 500 led a four part multi-stakeholder “Dialogue” series to drive innovative waste management policies.  We specifically sought to address what Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy might mean for the United States, a proven recycling structure implemented in dozens of countries across the globe.

As a result of these discussions, new momentum was injected into the waste debate, leading to efforts across the country around voluntary and regulatory approaches from both industry and recycling  advocates alike.

Our goal is to engage in these discussions and connect a diverse range of stakeholders to find areas of common ground.  Addressing the US waste problem is an important ingredient to sustainable consumption of resources and we are continuously striving to make waste an important pillar to the corporate sector.


What are we doing?

Future 500 is continually engaging key stakeholders in this arena to leverage the supply chain power of retailers and other companies to drive innovative waste management policies. See more.

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