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As the planet grows more crowded and affluent, protecting the universal human right to safe food and clean, plentiful water is straining the capabilities of our natural resources.

This competition for resources is illuminating the interconnectedness of the Food, Water and Energy sectors. Actions taken in one area inherently impact the other two: the agriculture and energy industries are the largest global consumers of fresh water; transporting and heating water requires enormous amounts of energy; energy resource extraction reduces available land for food production and may contaminate local water sources. More than ever, sustaining our food and water supplies requires integrated solutions that reduce externalities and improve efficiency across sectors and geographies.

Toward this end, Future 500 works with a broad range of stakeholders to advance systemic solutions at this critical nexus of food, water and energy. We align stakeholders to explore approaches that leverage corporate supply chain and political power to drive improvements in resource quality and quantity, including:





  • Leveraging technology to improve the nutritional value of food products.
  • Reducing the use of toxic chemical agents and food additives.
  • Promoting a balanced discussion on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Supporting regulations and industry standards that prevent watershed contamination.
  • Enabling innovative technologies that improve water treatment across supply chains.


  • Supporting innovation that enhances crop yields without compromising environmental and human health.
  • Eliminating food deserts.
  • Ensuring that land use for energy production does not jeopardize food security and ecosystem integrity.
  • Identifying fair water pricing mechanisms and industry best practices that reduce waste and boost efficiency.
  • Encouraging greater disclosure of corporate water use.
  • Convening stakeholders to advise decision makers on watershed-level supply risks and opportunities.

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