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Utilities, Senior Fellow

As a Senior Fellow in Utilities, Brent helps foster constructive conversation between corporations and their stakeholders around a variety of environmental initiatives. He leverages his expertise in environmental issues with deep relationships among environmental stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs and funders, to guide tough conversations between traditional adversaries toward cooperation and mutual benefit.

In his work with Future 500’s Water Program, Brent focuses on the critical impacts that energy and food production have on our water and soil systems. He works to connect those in the food industry with their stakeholders, ultimately striving toward the right policies that ensure plentiful, healthy and affordable food is produced without undue burden on the environment.

Prior to joining Future 500, Brent has worked as a litigation attorney and as an investment banking analyst specializing in middle-market M&A transactions. He helped grow a middle-market investment bank from two bankers in Chicago to over 50 worldwide in less than two years. From this experience, he has developed an expertise in consulting clients through difficult organizational times such as litigation, restructuring and large corporate transactions.

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Community Development and Improvement

Brent has always sought to make his community stronger. In Chicago, he worked with youngsters coaching basketball at an underprivileged school. He has also opened and operated youth after-school sports programs in Chicago and San Francisco. Earlier in his career, Brent founded and ran a consulting company to guide small local business through the start-up and adolescent stages of their business. He firmly believes that "we're all in this together", and constantly seeks ways to collaborate in working toward a common goal.

Professional and Corporate Experience

With a degree in political science from the University of Illinois and a law degree from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Brent began his career practicing law. Knowing he could contribute more in the business world, however, he transitioned from law to carve a role supporting start-up and young businesses.

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