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Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement

As a Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement, Rebecca primarily focuses on the stakeholder landscape in the extractives sector, and has written and spoken on a range of associated topics, including conflict minerals and the nuanced challenges of indigenous community relations at mine sites.  Stakeholder engagement in extractives is often at the nexus of environmental and human rights concerns, and Rebecca is passionate about solutions that combine environmental with social sustainability.

Prior to joining the Future 500 team, Rebecca earned an MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School. While in the program she co-founded and co-chaired two clubs and was instrumental in a committee of student clubs working in cohesion. This committee worked with school administration to improve student services and student-administration communication. She organized a student trip to rural Nicaragua for the International Sustainability Club that worked with organizations and villages on projects involving renewable energy and carbon credits. She also holds a B.A. in International Relations from San Francisco State University.

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Education and Dialogue: Keys to Positive Change

From her work at Global Exchange in the Reality Tours department (cause-based educational delegations) and solo travel in developing countries, Rebecca realized that seeing social and environmental injustices firsthand motivates people to work toward positive change. The interconnectedness of social and environmental issues sparked her desire to build diverse coalitions. Relationships built on mutual trust between opposing perspectives can be a powerful force for progress.

Harnessing the Power of Business for Good

Global business is a potent force to be harnessed for positive change. While Rebecca earned her MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School, she learned that large companies have incredible leverage – one small change can create a ripple effect throughout an entire supply chain or even a whole industry. While at Presidio, she co-founded two clubs and organized a delegation to Nicaragua that worked with community organizations on renewable energy projects, community development and carbon credits.

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