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International Board Chairman

Tachi Kiuchi is one of Japan’s most iconoclastic corporate executives. As Chairman and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric America, he built the Mitsubishi Electric brand in the U.S., and managed the company’s transition from the old to the new economy. As Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, he broke with Japanese corporate norms to champion a “living systems” approach to business that included rapid adaptation, financial transparency, openness, cultural diversity, executive positions for women, and environmental sustainability. He even forged a bold agreement with Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to promote corporate sustainability.

Today, as International Board Chairman for Future 500 and CEO of Tokyo-based sustainability consultancy E-Square, Kiuchi informs and inspires business leaders all over the world, and develops profitable and sustainable business practices at computer, electronics, automobile, and other companies.

Kiuchi is a popular keynote speaker at major global conferences on business, the environment, and Japanese-U.S. relations. In his spare time, Kiuchi skydives, runs marathons, climbs Mount Fuji, rides his bicycle to E-Square headquarters in downtown Tokyo, and does 2000 push-ups a day.

He is the co-author with Bill Shireman, of the popular book What We Learned In The Rainforest – Business Lessons From Nature, featured in the Harvard Business Review, which declares the business-as-machine era over, and shows how companies can become as innovative as the rainforest, leveraging feedback to grow more profitable and sustainable than ever.

“We must learn to provide affluence without effluence – by consuming less from the environment, not more. We can use less, and have more. Consume less, and be more. The interests of business, and the interests of environment, are not incompatible.”

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