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top 10 stakeholder engagement trends of 2018

We are pleased to release Future 500’s Report on the Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2018. This is our seventh annual report. Each year, our team pools their expertise and perspective to identify ten social, environmental or economic trends that will shape engagement between corporations and external stakeholders in the coming year and beyond.

2018 is a crucial milestone on the corporate sustainability roadmap. Technology and Big Data have bridged much of the divide between corporations and their stakeholders. Political vacuums are foisting CEOs and brands into leadership roles all around the world. Our report offers corporate leaders a detailed peek ahead, with specific engagement strategies to meet the risks + opportunities of corporate stewardship head-on through 2018 and beyond.


Top insights revealed in this study include:

  • Corporations modernize with all-electric fleets—implications for sustainable business, as well as the impact on utilities + traditional fuel producers
  • NGOs and advocacy groups are forming an unlikely alliance with major investors like Blackrock, becoming the new corporate regulators
  • Environmental justice goes mainstream, putting stricter micro-level demands on corporate sustainability.
  • Global standards from COP21 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are internalized on state, local and corporate levels—now, these groups must measure real-world operations against these goals.

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