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Unofficial Title: The Digger
Words to live by: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." – Anne Frank
Team go-to for: Cheap travel tricks

We can’t get anything past Andreea. She can maintain laser focus even after sifting through mountains of sustainability reporting data. That’s how she connects disparate dots and blips on the landscape long before they coalesce into trends and movements. She dreams of living in a more courteous world, where everyone has impeccable public-transit manners (hint: she’s Canadian), and where her neighbors’ cats no longer plot her demise while she is away at the office.

Prior to joining Future 500, Andreea produced a string of assessments on North American sustainable and impact investing trends that external reviewers called “spot-on.” At the Croatan Institute, she coordinated a shareholder engagement initiative that convened investors, thought leaders, and policy advocates. From the divestment movement spreading across college campuses and board rooms, to rowdy shareholder meetings, to the rise of fossil-free index funds, Andreea tracks where the green money is moving, and why.

Andreea completed her undergraduate degree in Public Policy at Duke University. While there, she was active in various rabble-rousing clubs and societies, calling on the school to improve transparency in its endowment and commit to more responsible investment criteria. Andreea is still getting to know her recently adopted hometown of San Francisco, but she would be pleased to point you toward a pretty respectable taqueria. She asked us to extend props to her “brilliant” and “hilarious” Future 500 teammates.


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