Future 500 | Finding common ground between uncommon allies

Future 500 has two decades of experience helping companies successfully navigate stakeholder controversies to reach positive outcomes. We do this by convening stakeholders for in-depth discussions on specific issue areas, with an eye towards identifying collaborative solutions. Specifically, we formulate panel discussions and facilitate working groups that lead to actionable results and longterm progress. Click here to connect with us and to get more information.

Organizations that have joined us in the past:

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    Walt Disney Company

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    Sierra Club

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Examples of Our Past Gatherings:

Sustainable Brands Conference, June 2014

The Future of Conservatism, March 2014


Selection of Past Presenters

Great content, dynamic delivery, motivating vision, and practical how-to’s. Future 500 speakers can bring their real-world expertise, knowledge, tools, and trainings to your next conference or training event. We bring corporations and activists together around climate, water, energy, supply chain, human rights, and many other issues.

  • Dr. Elaine Kamarck

    Former policy chief to Vice President Al Gore

  • Richard Muller

    Founder and Scientific Director of Berkeley Earth

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.