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Trammel Crow isn’t your typical Republican real estate developer. He’s also the architect behind the world’s largest Earth Day expo in Dallas, TX, and he has his sights set on a more audacious goal– gather the world’s 50 biggest companies in a global effort to protect our oceans, forests and climate.

When almost 100 leading brand executives, environmental leaders, investors, issue experts and policymakers convene for the Earth Day 50 Challenge on April 21st, they will agree to put aside their differences and join a collaborative effort to identify real, impactful solutions to our planet’s environmental crises.

“No demonizing, no litmus tests, no demands – those are the rules of engagement,” says Crow.

“This is about ideas and initiatives. Not every company can or should do everything they’re asked to do. But every company can find a way to step forward, and others can follow. We are asking them to find the most effective commitments they can make, to use their buying power and other forms of influence, to protect climate, forests, and oceans, every year between now and Earth Day 50 in 2020.”

This marks the fifth convening of Earth Day Texas, a massive celebration of innovations in technology and policy that protect and preserve our world. While more than 50,000 visitors explore the food, fun and educational exhibits at the fair, business and environmental leaders will convene in private to blaze a trail for actionable change.

To some, Dallas might seem an unlikely venue for the world’s biggest Earth Day celebration. “This isn’t California, it’s not New York, and it’s not Portland,” Crow says. “This is Texas, and in Texas we know protecting the planet doesn’t require that we sacrifice our jobs, our prosperity, or our freedoms. It’s time for us to lead.”

Read Bill’s original article on the Huffington Post. For more info about Earth Day Texas or the Earth Day 50 Challenge, visit EarthDayTexas.org.

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