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Unofficial Title: The Brainstormer
Words to live by: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." – Albert Einstein
Favorite travel destination: Any and all botanical gardens

Ellen balances some serious street cred in sustainable development with a contagious vision for tackling complex challenges like the circular economy and responsible supply chains. She’s worked with global brands, local NGOs, and international agencies––and is on a mission to help these diverse entities collaborate more effectively. We love Ellen’s ability to “zoom in and out,” effortlessly moving from big–picture vision to minute details on seemingly any topic we throw at her.

Ellen recently wrapped up an industry impact project with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). She worked directly with leaders at apparel factories in Asia and––with some serious data analysis expertise in hand––pumped out reports on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and chemicals in supply chains.

Ellen also honed her multi-sector sustainability chops during her Sustainability Management graduate program at Columbia University, where she took on pro-bono projects with clients around the world. Some of her favorite gigs were analyzing the sustainability of the Guinean bauxite-alumina industry, producing a GRI-compliant CSR report (a first for this NYC based consumer goods company), and developing an ecotourism business plan for a Peruvian NGO.

In addition to her M.S. from Columbia, Ellen holds a B.A. in Design from the University of California, Davis, where her senior collection focused on sustainability in fashion. A West Coast native, she currently resides in San Francisco, where she’s constantly on the hunt for the Golden State’s best latte.


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