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Engaging_Outraged_St_Cover_for_KindleHow-To Guide for Uniting the Left, Right, Capitalists, and Activists

The relationship between corporations and stakeholders is constantly shifting. Stakeholder activism is a growing trend, especially due to environmental concerns. Often, this can lead to the demonization of the corporation, and greater misunderstanding on both sides.

Engaging Outraged Stakeholders provides simple steps to bring people of opposing beliefs together to find an appealing solution. Unresolved conflict leads to an impasse that inevitably stalls progress. Whether opposing parties are conservative or liberal, corporate investors or independent activists, Engaging Outraged Stakeholders gives readers the tools to start the conversation.

“The core of expert and successful stakeholder engagement is dialogue and sustained, structured exchange,” says Shireman, who co-wrote this new book with Danna Moore Pfahl and Erik Wohlgemuth, the VP of Stakeholder Engagement and Chief Operating Officer, respectively, of Future 500, the company for which Shireman is President and CEO. Future 500 is dedicated to stakeholder engagement, that middle ground between the power of corporations and the purpose of activists and NGOs.

Written by Bill Shireman, Erik Wohlgemuth, and Danna Moore Pfahl

Affinity Press – 2013

Paperback  –  Kindle ebook

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