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This April 19-21, a diverse group of approximately 100 corporate, environmental, academic, and philanthropic leaders are gathering in Dallas, Texas, to take the next steps on a positive path toward a sustainable future. Their stated mission:

Halt, and begin repairing, decades of damage to the world’s oceans, forests, and climate, and show measurable progress by April 2020 – the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

“The Earth Day 50 Challenge is a commitment to civil discourse and mutual respect, which in today’s charged political climate is more necessary than ever,” said Future 500 CEO Bill Shireman, who began the annual Dallas convening in 2014. The challenge joins a diverse community of leaders to overcome conflict and polarization to assess and take action against threats to the global ecosystem.

In 2016, challenge participants identified key efforts needed to reverse ecosystem decline through forestry and fishery protection, ocean and forest restoration, and carbon pricing.

This year, participants will take steps toward enacting systemic market solutions with the most positive impact on our oceans, forests, and climate. The three-day agenda will consist of breakout sessions on the topics of oceans, forests and climate; speakers and panelists from politics, business and environmental advocacy; and networking events to build cross-sector support for systemic, market-based sustainability solutions.

Members of the Earth Day 50 group comprise brands who have made commitments to advance systemic approaches to environmental challenges, such as supply chain and market-based alternatives that focus on feedback-and-adaptation principles, rather than command-and-control regulations. Some of these members include:

ED50 Challengers

The convening will take place at Dallas Fair Park April 19-21, leading into the world’s largest annual Earth Day expo, Earth Day Texas. For more information, please visit future500.org/ED50.


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