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Unofficial Title: Chief Fun Officer
Words to live by: “In our present state of affairs, the very survival of humankind depends on people developing concern for the whole of humanity, not just their own community or nation.” – Joanna Macy
Ask her about that time: Solo backpacking across Japan

Gavriella (“please, call me Gavi”) is the ultimate problem-solving people person. No matter how knotted the quandary, or complex the issue, Gavi will find a creative solution. She’s an expert on marine debris, utilities, energy and climate, and is unrivaled in coming up with icebreakers at team events. Gavi isn’t just an exceptional public speaker and facilitator, she’s also an improv comedian and trained singer; she can have even the most antagonistic actors harmonizing in no time. At Future 500, she is always learning something new and challenging her own perceptions.

Prior to joining Future 500, Gavi launched the Solar Ambassador Program at RE-volv, which raises money through crowdfunding to put solar panels on community-serving non-profit organizations. During her time with RE-volve, she helped fund solar projects in 3 states, and trained more than 40 students at 5 universities across the country to engage their communities on renewable energy.

Gavi is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Communication. She completed an 11-month nonprofit management training fellowship through New Sector Alliance, is a flagship member of the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) Emerging Leaders program, and provides college coaching for local public high school students through ScholarMatch.

Gavi also writes a newsletter called The Cool Down, which aims to make the climate change conversation more accessible. She lives in San Francisco, where you can find her systematically discerning the best ice cream joints in the Bay Area.


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