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The tides are changing for the global seafood industry. As awareness builds around our supply chains, corporations are increasingly accountable for their commitments to sustainability. Leading retailers are exploring alternative business practices as their customers push for smaller environmental footprints. Suppliers are engaging their supply chains to build transparency and improve their information systems. Advocates are calling for innovative startups to introduce sustainable solutions to a $24 trillion oceans economy.

Sustainable Seafood Conference

On May 24-25, Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Seafood Conference in Washington D.C. aims to engage stakeholders across the seafood industry to discuss the latest research, identify recent trends and major players, and establish achievable goals toward a sustainable marine sector.

Cross-sector Collaboration

As the world’s seventh-largest combined economy, our oceans support a diverse landscape of stakeholders with equally diverse—and frequently opposing—interests. Collaboration between commercial seafood operations and marine advocates is necessary to achieve real, long-term solutions for an ailing and unsustainable seafood sector. We know the qualities of a successful partnership: bold leadership, comprehensive planning and defined objectives. With a clear focus on communication and consistent benchmarks for success, corporations and NGOs can identify and overcome obstacles to effective engagement.

This May, Future 500 senior manager of stakeholder engagement and oceans advocate, Shilpi Chhotray will moderate a panel discussion between major brands, suppliers, government, inter-governmental agencies, NGOs and advocates on the industry’s long-term impacts and the steps to cross-sector collaboration. Panelists for this topic include:

“The seafood industry’s footprint is massive,” Chhotray said. “This year we’re seeing more genuine engagement from multi-sectorial players to minimize impact across the supply chain.”

Stakeholder Engagement in the Seafood Industry

As pressure mounts to reform current systems, corporations are learning to engage both governmental agencies and NGOs to find pragmatic opportunities for improvement. Joining these diverse stakeholders in a discussion is the first hurdle—in order to achieve positive global change, Innovation Forum moderators, panelists and attendees recognize the importance of big-picture systems thinking and a human approach.

“Corporate or NGO, there are fundamental issues we can all agree on,” said Chhotray.

“The key to bringing diverse stakeholders together is to identify common goals at the beginning. From there, we make iterative progress using mutual success as a stepping stone.”

About Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum produces high level events and analysis around sustainability trends and opportunities for business. With over 30 years’ experience in the sustainability space the Innovation Forum team has developed an extensive readership and broad network of senior CR and sustainability professionals, along with strong ties to companies, NGOs, academics, governmental officials and the media operating in the sector. The Innovation Forum Sustainable Seafood Conference takes place May 24-25 at the Pew Conference Center in Washington, D.C. Learn more at the Innovation Forum website.

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