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Future 500 views the energy issue as a critical thread across all the sustainability projects in which we engage. To that end, our organization continuously seeks to build partnerships with energy companies and energy activists. We work across several energy sectors including, but not limited to: coal, natural gas and oil sands.

We believe that smart, comprehensive energy policy can help drive systemic change down the supply chain.  We believe that a price on carbon is an economic, security, fiscal, and environmental imperative. To help drive this effort, we have crafted two core policy principles that can unite the bipartisan political support needed for climate policy that is friendly to people, the economy, and the environment.

Future 500 has quietly brought together companies, NGOs, and investors, to support this policy.

We see energy as a dynamic and evolving arena where we seek to play an important role in connecting corporations and activists.  We believe that direct engagement will help us solve some of the most pressing energy issues facing our society.

Principles To Guide Effective Energy/Climate Policy

Future 500 has gathered stakeholders and they think a price on carbon would be among the best solutions.

A PRICE ON CARBON. To be effective, a price on carbon (whether a fee or tax) needs to be direct, upstream, steadily increasing, and calibrated to reduce emissions to levels called for by climate science consensus, with border adjustments or other mechanisms to reflect differences in carbon prices and policies in other nations.


A DIVIDEND OR TAX REDUCTION TO CONSUMERS. The vast majority of revenues are to be returned to consumers, either directly (“dividend”) or via tax reductions (“tax shift”), with a small portion allocated to a single fund for climate purposes such as transition assistance for affected communities; international adaptation, mitigation, research, and development; low-carbon energy research; and targeted cost-effective energy efficiency investments.

Over 140 stakeholders have signed the above principles, including:

  • Lester Brown

    Founder Earth Policy Institute

  • James Hansen

    Climatologist Columbia University

  • Randy Hayes

    Founder, Rainforest Action Network

  • Gary Hirshberg

    CE-Yo Stonyfield Farm

  • Public Citizen

  • As You Sow

  • ccl-logo

    Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Full endorsers list here »

Name Organization Type
1 EcoDesign Collaborative org
2 Center for a Competitive Waste Industry org
3 Water Insight org
4 Mercury Transcripts Limited org
5 Aaron Heinrich self ind
6 Adam Stratton Power Panel Inc ind/org
7 Alexander Laszlo Syntony Quest ind/org
8 Allan Moskowitz Progressive Wealth Management ind
9 Andrew Frothingham Humanity ind
10 Ann Vanino Moving Forward Coaching & Consulting ind
11 Annette Puskarich SoGo Ventures ind/org
12 Anthony D. Cortese Second Nature ind/org
13 Barbara Bester Communications Services South Africa ind
14 Barbara Stephanie Scott Inova Product Development ind
15 Bill Stoddart Intermountain Enterprises, Inc. ind/org
16 Bob Bechtold Harbec Plastics org
17 Carol Misseldine Green Cities California ind/org
18 Charles Helget Sector Strategies ind/org
19 Christine Rosen Haas School of Business, University of CA Berkeley ind
20 Claire Nelson Ph.D. Institute of Caribbean Studies ind/org
21 Daphne Wysham Institute for Policy Studies ind
22 David Harris UltraFuture ind/org
23 David Schreiber Progressive Asset Management ind
24 David Weinraub PapayaSoft ind
25 Dennis Church EcoSpeakers.com ind
26 Diane Buxbaum, MPH none ind
27 Don E. Dotter Oasis Ark Project org
28 Doug Woodring Project Kaisei ind/org
29 Dr. Catherine Svehla American Mythos org
30 Elizabeth Mokotong Agri-Foodbank ind/org
31 Ellen Weinreb CEO ind/org
32 Eric Lombardi Eco-Cycle org
33 Frank Pasquill Frontline Centre inc. org
34 G.Irving Levance EDU – Intergovernmental Organization for Accreditation ind/org
35 Gary A. Patton Wittwer & Parkin, LLP ind
36 Gary Hirshberg Stonyfield Farm ind
37 Gib Hedstrom Hedstrom Associates org
38 Gil Friend Natural Logic, Inc. ind/org
39 Gordon Bell Microsoft ind
40 Gregory Wendt Green Business Networking ind/org
41 Gustav Ranis ind
42 Harvey Fernbach MD MPH ind
43 Hazel Henderson Ethical Markets Media (USA & Brazil) ind/org
44 James Gilbert None ind
45 jane lazgin self ind
46 Jeff Mendelsohn New Leaf Paper org
47 Jenn Orgolini New Belgium Brewing Company ind/org
48 Jennifer Kaplan Greenhance ind
49 Jennifer Lazarus Lazarus Financial Planning ind/org
50 Jerome Dodson Parnassus Investments ind/org
51 Jerry Skomer Alternative Technologies ind
52 Jess Morris Sound Resource Management Group org
53 Jessica Hammett the Future 500 ind
54 Jim Kottmeyer Midwest Advocacy Group ind
55 Joel Goldblatt Bluenergy Solarwind org
57 John McNertney TD Ameritrade ind
58 John Wickham ind
59 judy Wicks Business Alliance for Local Living Economies ind
60 Katherine O’Brien Mercury Transcripts Ltd ind
61 Ken Bausch Institute for 21st Century Agoras org
62 Ken Larson KL Consulting ind
63 Kendal Smeeth SmeethCO ind
64 Kevin Danaher Global Exchange ind
65 Kevin Matthews Architecture Week org
66 Kevin McAuliffe Newport Ltd. ind
67 Kim Heismann Pop Sustainability org
68 Kimberly María Newton-Klootwyk Instituto Conexiones org
69 Laura Fultz Stout Union of Concerned Scientist ind
70 Laura Hinkelman University of Washington ind
71 Linda Riebel Print and Pixel Books ind
72 Marcello Palazzi BSc MSc MBA Progressio Foundation, Netherlands org
73 Mark A. Michaels Kailash Center for Personal Development, Inc. ind
74 Mark Donohue Babson College ind
75 Mark T. Donohue Babson College ind
76 Marty Jensen United Management Group ind/org
77 Mary Barrett Edgewood Partners org
78 Maureen Maguire, CFP Protected Investors of America ind
80 Michael J. Hirl Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc. ind/org
81 Michael J. Hirl Det Norske Veritas (USA), Inc. ind
82 Michael Klein Rainforest Action Network ind
83 Michael Lopez Program on Human Rights, Stanford University ind
84 Michael Odza Social Media Lift org
85 Michelle Miller S3 ind
86 Mike Newman ReCellular ind
87 Miles Fidelman none ind
88 Molly Blakemore Organic Consumers Association ind/org
89 Monika Bhatia ParraCAN (Parramatta Climate Action Network) ind/org
90 Nancy Hirshberg Stonyfield Farm ind
91 Nancy Kiang earthpins org
92 Natalie Gray Austin Energy ind
93 Nils Petermann individual ind
94 Nina Butler Moore Recycling Associates ind
95 Pablo Aldrett Servicios Integrales Grupal ind/org
96 Pamela Lippe Earth Day New York org
98 Peter Copen Copen Family Fund org
99 Peter Griesinger Griesinger Films org
100 Phil Suter The Rivertide Group LLC ind/org
101 praveen aggarwal Coca-Cola India ind
102 Priscilla Rich Sustainable Design – sustainabledesign.vpweb.com ind/org
103 Rachel Balsley StopWaste.Org ind
104 Ravi Chaudhry CeNext Consulting and Investment Pvt Limited ind/org
105 Ricardo Bayon EKO Asset Management Partners org
106 Richard McIntyre ind/org
107 Richard Bott R J Bott & Associates ind
108 Richard Gertman Environmental Planning ind
109 Richard Sumpter US EPA ind
110 Robert B. Stang No Love No Fish, LLC ind/org
111 Robert Caughlan self ind
112 Robin McQuinn ABM Resources ind
113 ronda carter self ind
114 sali randel S R REalty ind
115 Samantha Shireman UC Berkeley ind
116 Sara Olsen SVT Group ind/org
117 Sarah A. Miller University of New Hampshire ind
118 Sarah Fortner ind
119 Sarah van Gelder YES! Magazine ind
120 Stephen N. Anderson Marquis Advisory Group ind/org
121 Steve Dean Aurora Recording ind/org
122 Steven W. Peck Green Roofs for Healthy Cities ind
123 Stuart Karlan South Maui Sustainability ind
124 Terrence McNally mcnally:message&media ind
125 Victoria Schwarz EARTH University ind
126 Victoria Stewart Self ind
127 Vid Gaj�ek Intelyway webmedia org
128 Vincent Siciliano New Resource Bank ind/org
129 Vinit Allen Sustainable World Coalition org
130 ward mailliard none ind
131 Wood Turner Climate Counts ind
132 Zakkai Kauffman-Rogoff Students for a Just and Stable Future ind

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