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Innovation Nation, a Future 500 project, brings together conservatives, progressives, and libertarians, to seek innovative solutions to the nation’s most pressing challenges.The left and right often disagree, but we don’t have to demonize one another.  Our core principles and priorities are not always incompatible, and often they are complementary.  We each bring distinctive strengths to the table.

But today, vested interests play us against one another.  They know that so long as we fail to collaborate, the status quo is protected.  Debts will mount.  Wars will linger.  People will be abused by big institutions, and nothing much will change.

That’s why we are done with demonizing each other.  We know that our differences help us fit together.  Despite our disagreements – or perhaps because of them – we fill one another’s gaps.  We need one another for our nation to be whole.

Through the Innovation Nation project, we commit to work together, to help resolve our differences, combine our strengths, fill our gaps, unite our power, and discover what value we can create, for ourselves and our larger communities, together. We are starting the conversation with a book, Innovation Nation, that draws together ideas from the right and left, to break the gridlock, empower people, and rediscover America’s promise.

We are developing an agenda, and a plan for change.  We invite you to join with us.  Our only litmus test is that you bring your full self to the conversation.

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