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We face a future of increasing ecological and economic deficits around the planet. Concurrently, we are amidst a global revolution transforming every aspect of our lives. The agent of this revolution is a new family of technologies – broadband, the Internet, microchips, and software – that for the first time draw the world together into a single, coextensive whole. By unleashing the innovative capacity of NGOs and corporations to use technology for good, we have the potential to reverse these deficits.

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The agenda helps to guide companies and NGOs in advocating for the policy mix required to unleash innovation across geographies, cultures, the right and the left. Download the Innovation Agenda and join the conversation.

Power of One: From hundreds of millions of once-poor farmers of China and India joining the middle class to the brave women and men advancing the Arab Spring, individuals with access to technology are increasingly empowered.

Prosperity with Conservation: Enabling billions to achieve economic abundance with less consumption, using a fraction of the resources we consume today in the West.



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