JAMES GLAVE | Senior Advisor – Communications

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Unofficial Title: The Brand Arbiter
Words to live by: “All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.” – Albert Camus
Not-so-secret talent: Holds a black belt in Tai Kwon Do.

In a world groaning under the weight of its own buzzwords, James helps Future 500 enable and integrate cross-platform blockchain-enabled synergistic solutions. (See what he did there?) But seriously, he shepherds the Future 500 brand, helps the team zero in on its best insights and greatest hits, and beams those pearls of wisdom out to business leaders, philanthropists, and environmental campaigners using eye-catching visuals and direct, crisp language.

James builds support for climate and clean-energy policies, strategies, and innovations via Glave Communications – the boutique communications firm he co-owns with his wife, Michelle Pentz Glave. Having witnessed Future 500 in action at a recent Corporate Affinity Network workshop, James still can’t get over the team’s combination of encyclopedic knowledge, technical competence, and disarming down-to-earthness. (“So this is how these things are supposed to work...” he recalls muttering to himself.)

James also hosts 3Things.Energy, a new podcast that promises “plain-language conversations on the leading energy solutions to climate change.” Though his overall obsession is decarbonization, his recent work on the BC Energy Step Code has ignited a keen interest in the nuts and bolts of building science.

When not geeking out on carbon-pricing mechanisms and demand-side strategies, James retreats to his home workshop on Bowen Island, B.C., aka “introvert recovery chamber,” where he enjoys building furniture and structures for his family’s garden. He is currently working on a greenhouse, collaborating with his son on a coral-propagation project, and trying to figure out how to implement his daughter’s vision for a ceiling-mounted LED lighting installation rendered in driftwood. He confesses that he sometimes enjoys the company of his two cats more than people – but knows you won’t hold it against him.


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