Future 500 | Finding common ground between uncommon allies

In all our work, we hold ourselves accountable to the following values and practices:

  • Integrity: To act in the interests of the whole – our partners, stakeholders, and society at large

  • Respect: To behave as equals in all relationships – with partners and stakeholders.

  • Expertise: To be the pre-eminent experts in stakeholder engagement on controversial, complex issues.

  • Feedback: To share mutual feedback with our partners and stakeholders, even if disagreeable.

  • Self-improvement: To constantly seek to improve our skills and systems.

  • Reliability: To under-promise and over-deliver, meeting our commitments on-time and within organizational budget

  • Value: To deliver more in value than our partners and stakeholders provide in support

  • Adaptability: 
To change course instantly, as needed to better serve our mission and the social need.

  • Embedment: To transfer our skills and systems to our partners and stakeholders, so that they can do our work without us.

  • Systemic: To seek to solve problems and meet needs at their root.