Future 500 | Finding common ground between uncommon allies

Finding solutions to complex and often messy sustainability challenges can’t be accomplished through formal ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches. At Future 500, we specialize in personalized stakeholder engagement to enable corporations and NGOs to reduce conflict, cultivate relationships of trust, and advance collaborative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

With over two decades of experience, Future 500 has gained the trust of key stakeholder decision makers and change agents around the world. Engaging with stakeholders is a highly dynamic, sensitive process and we find that relationships often flourish best in informal settings. Creating those settings is core to our organization’s methodology. Our approach is highly personal and customized to the specific needs of each company and stakeholder; we typically engage companies and stakeholders over a longer time period in order to build the lasting relationships that enable lasting change. By pinpointing risks and opportunities for constructive engagement, we often help prevent years of wasted effort and dollars, for both companies and stakeholders.

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Our work is unique in that:

Customized Engagement Process
Informal Stakeholder Engagement
Systems-Thinking Approach
Achieving Systemic Solutions
Staff with Corporate & NGO Experience

Stakeholder engagement services include:

  • Inventory stakeholders, map relationships by social and environmental issue
  • Identify strategic corporate and NGO stakeholders who can drive change
  • Prepare strategic engagement plans for humanizing relationships, reducing risks and conflict
  • Engage stakeholders to find common ground
  • Insight on stakeholder dynamics
  • Prepare tracking reports, issues that are “just around the corner”
  • Strategic conference outreach and communications services
  • Facilitate stakeholder meetings
  • Provide briefings, trainings, and strategic planning sessions for corporate and NGO executives and leaders
Our deliverables include:
  • Briefings
  • Trainings
  • Stakeholder Inventories
  • Stakeholder Maps of Influence Dynamics
  • Strategic Engagement Plans
  • Meeting Facilitation – Informal, Formal, Direct, Indirect
  • Conferences – strategy, tactics, relationships
  • Media – tracking, messaging, placement
  • Insight and sector development reports