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Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement

Kellen Klein is a Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement for Future 500 and focuses on Future 500’s Water and Energy programs. Kellen’s professional background spans the sustainability spectrum, with experience working for major organizations like Kaiser Permanente and Conservation International. He is well versed on a broad array of environmental and social issues, including climate change policy and mitigation, life cycle assessment, employee engagement, green marketing, and ecotourism.

Kellen completed an interdisciplinary master’s degree from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, coupling specializations in corporate environmental management and entrepreneurship with an additional certificate in business management and operations. His master’s entrepreneurial project aimed to develop a socially responsible water filtration service, linking domestic consumers to the global water crisis. He also holds a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University, with a concentration in Environmental Policy.

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Inspired by Nature

From an early age, Kellen was drawn to the interconnectedness of humans and natural systems. His upbringing in the verdant Pacific Northwest and international travel experiences convinced him of the urgent need for environmental action, but also of the impracticality of isolated efforts. This realization inspired him to pursue interdisciplinary environmental coursework at Stanford and UCSB, examining sustainability issues from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

Bridging the Divide

Kellen began his professional career with the Center for Responsible Travel, developing programs that leveraged the tourism industry toward the empowerment of local communities and protection of natural resources. At Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, he helped major corporations craft transparent and impactful climate change mitigation strategies. Most recently, he supported Kaiser Permanente’s industry-leading efforts to link environmental stewardship with human health. Throughout his career, Kellen has found the greatest reward in inspiring sustainable solutions from unlikely origins. Proactive and transparent communication enables trust, which in turn enables innovation. He is thrilled to continue this work at Future 500, exploring the opportunities made possible through open dialogue and creative collaboration.

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