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Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Matt is the steward of the Future 500 brand across all earned and paid media channels, including the website, social media and partners. He helps Future 500 team members communicate their passions and expertise in stakeholder engagement through strategic messaging and a clear, unified voice. Prior to working for Future 500, Matt worked for four years in the Austin startup scene as a copywriter and content coordinator specializing in data-driven editorial and social media strategy.

Matt is a born-and-bred Texan with a deep and lasting love for the wide-open plain. He volunteered with Johnson’s Backyard Garden in Bastrop to assist in sustainable agriculture and harvesting, and studied deforestation practices while studying abroad in Costa Rica. He now makes his home in the mossy green of Portland, Oregon where the natural beauty of the PNW still takes him by surprise. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.

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