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Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement

Shilpi works at Future 500 as a Senior Manager of Stakeholder Engagement. She has six years of experience related to marine science and policy, with a focus in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, federal marine policy, and ocean exploration. Shilpi has worked with NGOs, government entities, and the private sector to develop solutions for often challenging environmental problems. She is excited to continue her passion of working with a diversity of stakeholders across sectors to find common ground.

Shilpi holds a Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management, with a concentration in Marine Affairs, from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Tech University. Her interest in the oceans sparked in undergrad when she studied human impacts on coral reef ecosystems in Australia. While in graduate school, she conducted a thesis on marine protected areas and community-based involvement in the Carolinas region of the United States. During this time, she was a climate outreach research assistant for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Sea Grant program where she worked on climate adaption strategies with stakeholder engagement.

ShilPrior to joining Future 500, Shilpi worked for Blue Earth Consultants, where she consulted on high priority projects for oceans based NGOs, foundations, and government agencies. One of her major projects included supporting the development of a marine protected area implementation plan for the state of California.

At Ocean Gate, she developed underwater submersible programs for research scientists, policy-makers, filmmakers, educators and youth to witness ocean dynamics first-hand. From this experience, she learned how inspiration enables dialogue, which in turn creates action-oriented change.

She has also worked with the Environmental Defense Fund, Seaweed Industry Association, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Shilpi’s time with these organizations helped her further develop and refine her expertise in engaging stakeholders on marine and supply chain issues.

Contact Shilpi: schhotray@future500.org

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