Future 500 | Finding common ground between uncommon allies

Future 500 consistently has its finger on the pulse of environmental activism, understanding the evolving priorities and the manner in which they will impact the corporate sector. Their annual convening is an opportunity to get a thorough download of what is on the horizon – you can’t miss it!

Shannon Maher Bañaga

Director, Federal Affairs TECO Energy, Inc.

Future 500…is a resource for business and civil society leaders ready to roll up their sleeves and confront problems.  I encourage you to use them.”

George P. Shultz

60th United States Secretary of State

“Future 500’s knowledge of emerging sustainability issues and the associated stakeholder landscape has helped make our engagement efforts more efficient, and ultimately more strategic.  The depth of their network coupled with an understanding of business makes them a ‘go-to’ partner.”

Chris Chambers

Director, Sustainability Programs

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold

“I think they’re professional, have the right values, and can be trusted by NGOs. They’re very bright, very dedicated, and trustworthy.”

Michael Marx

Director, Sierra’s Club’s Beyond Oil Campaign

If there is some room for alleviating concern and seeking common ground, that’s where Future 500 comes in. They don’t just mediate, but are seeking to resolve the issue and advance all parties toward a solution.”

Greg Koch

Director, Global Water Steward

Coca-Cola Company

Future 500 is distinctive in creating a strong network of stakeholders plus processes to help companies think through their stakeholder engagement activities.”

Dawn Rittenhouse

Director of Sustainable Development


[Future 500 is] able to understand and translate a variety of different perspectives and bridge divides, and they do their work with integrity.”

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

“Bill Shireman has a critical message to share and he delivers it better than anyone — the polarization that has inflicted far too many of us is keeping us all from moving forward toward a future we all want. Pointing out the problem, though, is easy. What Bill does is provide a convincing framework for showing us where both left and right are ‘right’, and why we all need to come together — to humanize vs. demonize the conversation in order to find the necessary common ground needed to get us to our shared goal. I highly recommend involving him in any conversation that requires a smart, temperate mediator who can help build a space for bringing seemingly conflicted stakeholders together to appreciate and work toward their common good.”

KoAnn Skrzyniarz


Sustainable Life Media, Producers of Sustainable Brands