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top 10 stakeholder engagement trends of 2017

We are pleased to release Future 500’s Report on the Top 10 Stakeholder Engagement Trends of 2017. This is our sixth annual report. Each year, our team pools their expertise and perspective to identify ten social, environmental or economic trends that will shape engagement between corporations and external stakeholders in the coming year and beyond.

In 2016, the Future 500 team anticipated greater corporate involvement in global climate politics, more inclusivity in environmental issues, and stakeholder-driven transparency in consumer products. Many of these trends proved accurate with COP21 implementation, civil rights movements claiming a stake in conservation efforts and technology-assisted monitoring in oceans and water infrastructure.

Political sea change has transformed the stakeholder engagement landscape going into 2017, and our data shows corporate action will be a major force for advancing systemic solutions to protect our oceans, forests and climate. This year’s report functions as a corporate “field guide,” featuring data-backed insights and specific action items to help corporations navigate a period of national and global volatility.


Top insights revealed in this study include:

  • Addressing elevated calls for social equity and just transition.
  • Bracing for more and varied obstruction tactics, from litigation to lobbying.
  • Engaging localized climate and conservation efforts.
  • Driving private sector collaboration in environmental advocacy.
  • Identifying market opportunities in federal gridlock.

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