Future 500 | Finding common ground between uncommon allies

On January 27-28th, Future 500 attended a Transpartisan Leadership Workshop co-hosted by the World Affairs Council and the Center for Transpartisan Leadership. The event brought together a politically and ideologically diverse group of citizens interested in better understanding how to bridge stereotypical divides and transcend the polarization that dominates American politics by learning from leaders in the space. The event was part of a national series of workshops designed to facilitate a dialogue focused on finding common ground and promoting a positive political process.

Future 500 CEO Bill Shireman spoke about the cycle of demonization that persists between corporations and activists and how in today’s gridlocked political environment the key to advancing systemic solutions is to empower people:

Stakeholder Engagement Manager Marvin Smith spoke about the value of stakeholder engagement as a practical tool to help foster genuine relationships between adversarial groups:

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