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For the Future of Conservatism event on September 24th in Washington, D.C., Bill Shireman has prepared a discussion paper to stimulate a thoughtful debate about the future of the Republican Party.

American support for the core Republican principles—like individual freedom, personal responsibility, innovation, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance—is at an all-time high, yet the Republican Party is in a time of great crisis. Based on the principles supported by modern society, Republicans should comprise two-thirds of the population, yet only 28 to 33 percent of young voters have a favorable view of the Republican Party. In order to survive, the Republican Party needs to take a good hard look at why these numbers are so incongruous.

In his article, “What the Republican Party Can Learn from Nike”, Bill Shireman explores this topic in-depth. The brand has been badly damaged. It is now seen as being anti-women, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay, anti-middle class, and anti-environment. In the mid-1990s, Nike experienced a blow to their brand when they were held responsible for using child labor to stitch soccer balls, and, between 1996 and 2000, their share of the footwear marked slipped from 55 percent to 39 percent. Nike could have easily slid into oblivion as the years marched on and their market share waned; however, they realized that they needed to appeal to the next generation. The Republican Party can learn a great deal from Nike.

Please download the paper here and join the discussion.

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