Non-profit consultancy, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, environmental and social responsibility, CSR, NGO advocacy, grassroots activism, conflict resolution

We envision a future in which business and civil society work as equal partners and responsible stewards of a clean, just, and prosperous world.

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Our Theory of Change

Our world is polarized, and its ecosystems are increasingly endangered. But things are unlikely to get better if we continue to demonize, portraying every global threat as an "Us versus Them" battle. We need a paradigm shift – one built on humanization.

We believe that relationships are the first step toward solving our most pressing environmental and social challenges. By helping diverse organizations step out of their echo chambers and seek common ground in uncommon places, we aim to catalyze innovative, systemic solutions that enable both our planet and society to thrive.


Our Story

Future 500 traces its roots to a pioneering 1996 agreement between the Mitsubishi companies and Rainforest Action Network. When RAN targeted Mitsubishi over deforestation in its supply chain, the companies turned to Bill Shireman, a seasoned negotiator who had recently helped pass California’s “Bottle Bill” (AB 2020).

Through a series of meetings and discussions with other environmental thought leaders – and after one critical fly-fishing trip – Shireman helped Mitsubishi executives work with RAN to craft a bold new forestry stewardship strategy. The resulting framework was ultimately adopted by nearly 400 companies, instigating a global transformation in forest conservation practices.

Inspired by the successful engagement, Shireman and Mitsubishi Electric chairman Tachi Kiuchi founded Future 500, a global organization dedicated to finding common ground for the common good. In the 20+ years since, Future 500 has helped countless companies, NGOs, and other organizations craft systemic solutions to our most pressing environmental and social challenges.

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Future 500 is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values inclusivity, work-life balance, and continuous learning. We offer our employees competitive salaries and benefits, including flexible paid time off, paid parental leave, matching IRA contributions, technology and training reimbursement, and attractive WeWork offices.

We are not currently hiring, but please check back soon for open positions. You are also always welcome to send your resume to

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