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From animal welfare to zero waste, we stay atop the latest stakeholder and sustainability trends.

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Through events, reports, videos, and our blog, we work to increase understanding of how, why, and where companies and advocates are driving social and environmental change. To learn more about why we post what we do, check out our Editorial Policy.


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Our Force for Good Forecast 2019 helps leaders ensure that their enterprises will remain a productive force for positive change in what has become a tumultuous business and political climate.

Each year, we produce this handbook to flag looming shifts, evolutions, and trouble spots in social movements, corporate advocacy, and technology.

With more than 60 specific suggestions on how companies can head off or minimize conflict with their investors, employees, and toughest critics, this handbook is your guide to reducing risk in 2019 and beyond.


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WATCH: What is stakeholder engagement?

In this short, animated video, Future 500 breaks down common stereotypes of companies and activists, and gives tips for overcoming conflict and building common ground.

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