A mid-year update from our COO

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Erik Wohlgemuth here, Future 500’s chief operating officer. As we pass the 2018 half-way mark – and before you head off to the beach – I thought I’d take a moment of your time to share a quick mid-year update.

Here are 10 ways our organization has helped companies, NGOs, and funders shift from conflict to conversation while supporting business as a force for good. Plus, a teaser list of five things to look forward to.

In the Bag

So far this year, our team has:

  1. Briefed executives on key trends and shifts in advocacy, activism, and stakeholder engagement at the debut meeting of our Corporate Affinity Network

  2. Enabled conversations and connections between 100 corporate leaders, NGO advocates and activists – as well as thoughtful investors and foundation funders – at our 2018 Dallas Earth Day Summit.

  3. Addressed the political divide on climate change by convening a team of very keen university students with executives and policymakers at our second annual Bridge Summit.

  4. Identified opportunities for several companies, an industry association, and a leading national NGO to close the loop on plastic.

  5. Engaged and informed institutional investors on climate risk, disclosure, and engagement.

  6. Progressed shared-value water stewardship initiatives for energy, chemical, and consumer-products companies.

  7. Developed a corporate-wide sustainability program for a food-products firm, and helped it put the plan to work.

  8. Facilitated a multi-stakeholder forum on electric vehicles for a large gas and electricity utility.

  9. Solicited third-party feedback on a chemical company’s 2030 sustainability goals with a diverse set of stakeholders.

  10. Endured truly awful puns from Kellen Klein, our senior stakeholder engagement manager.

In the Works

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll:

  1. Deliver a series of insights straight from America’s most interesting and effective campaigners.

  2. Recognize companies that are flexing their supply chain muscles to address environmental and social challenges – helping you calibrate your own ambition level.

  3. Co-host two events on the sidelines of the Global Climate Action Summit, a major international conference coming to our home town, San Francisco, September 12-14.

  4. Introduce you to our newest recruit, the brilliant Andreea Rodinciuc.

  5. Host our next Corporate Affinity Network meeting in San Francisco. (Details below!)

Whew, that’s it for now. We’ll be back at you again soon, with a double-helping of insight and intel, so that you can more effectively mobilize markets in the service of change. All the very best,

– Erik

May We Be of Service?

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Future 500’s Corporate Affinity Network is a member-based program designed to help companies thrive through change. Members enjoy direct access to Future 500’s expertise, plus exclusive insights on the latest trends in stakeholder engagement, campaigning, and advocacy. Our next workshop is in San Francisco, November 14 and 15. To learn more, ping ewohlgemuth@future500.org.


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