All Aboard the Solar Coaster: Smart Utilities Embracing Distributed Energy

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The growing distributed energy market, particularly in the solar industry, presents a daunting choice for the electric utility monopoly: Come out in defense of the status quo or embrace a clean energy future. The latter is by far the best option: it’s a vital move toward mitigating climate change, curbing energy prices and keeping the lights on at the utility companies.

In order for utilities, grid operators and the people who regulate them to stay competitive, they need to do what’s right — incorporate renewables and innovate storage and software to modernize the grid. Building momentum in renewable energy matches falling prices and tighter energy regulation. This trend doesn’t stop at pro-solar policies. Keeping up with the technology is essential for both adoption of renewables and a more resilient grid.

Breaking the solar-versus-utility narrative, some utilities are at the forefront of the clean energy future. For those who aren’t, the consequences are dire. The question for utilities is, will they be leaders or laggards?

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Gavriella Keyles (Gavi) is a former Future 500 team member. She advised our partners on a diverse array of sustainability issues, including climate change, energy, and plastic pollution. Connect with Gavi on LinkedIn.

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